The Premiere

My Home Community Magazine

Bold, Beautiful, Aggressive...Make a Difference

Say hello to your one-stop, relationship-building magazine and goodbye to outdated black and white publications. MHC is a full color, targeted Lifestyle Magazine mailed directly to 55+ community homeowners each and every month in your surrounding area.

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We focus on your ROI. Nearly 6 million Californians are over the age of 55… that’s more senior citizens than the entire population of Oregon. Our direct mailing is targeted to homeowners who have downsized and have disposable income. Our advertisers receive a FREE business directory listing on the inside front cover so readers can search the directory then go directly to your Ad. Our premiere monthly publication integrates full color ads mixed in with our editorial pages.

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Our Story

We’re 2 guys who managed sales for top print publications that focused on 55+ communities. We found what was lacking and decided to fill in the gaps. Our priority is to give our readers a monthly magazine that looks and reads high end. Keeping our readers up to date in today’s media landscape with great articles written by real journalists.

Our Vision

We created a monthly lifestyle publication that promises fresh inspiration for life and home in each new issue. Our goal in creating this magazine was to connect with readers by sharing great content so valuable and meaningful that they hold on to each issue and return to it again and again.

Our Advertisers

Should align their brand with the best ! MHC magazine is a trusted source of information, providing a diverse blend of articles which make our readers feel inspired, empowered and confident. Our goal is to deliver a professional, eye-catching high quality publication that adds credibility, authenticity and dignity to your brand. 

Our Process

Keeping it our readers and advertisers more! MHC magazine reads and looks as good as the top lifestyle magazines out there. We want our advertisers to know that every issue will stay consistent. Always 100% full color, targeted well written articles, mailed directly to every homeowner each month.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes us different?

Take a good look at our competition. Typical fluff articles, all black and white ad’s grouped together at the end of the magazine. Not being mailed directly to each resident but left in bulk at the community clubhouse, hoping that each resident would pick a copy up. No proof that these residents are homeowners. MHC is printed entirely in FULL Color, 80lb stock , with real journalists writing great articles, and mailed directly to each and every homeowner in that community.

What works best for our advertisers.

Are you hitting the right target audience? Direct your marketing dollars to homeowners who have downsized and have disposable income. Any publication directed to 55+ communities requires a minimum of 6 months to greatly benefit the advertiser. Trust is a key factor. Our goal is to have our readers hold on to our magazine till they receive a new one every month. Your goal is to have our readers recommend you to their friends.

Our targeted editorial

We pride ourselves on delivering content on par with today’s top lifestyle magazines. Every issue offers a unique mix of independent investigation and trusted reporting, along with great photography. Each issue offers compelling stories and empowering ideas, targeted directly to our readers’ demographic.

Does this type of print advertising really work?

Studies prove that print marketing and digital marketing promotions have higher response rates and conversions rather than using digital-only communications. One main reason is because online and social media ads are here one minute and gone the next. Many people are afraid of having their identity stolen online or fear having their information sold. As a result, they do not click on internet ads. Print marketing, lets customers know that you are an actual business and not a scam.

Contact Us

We know your time is valuable. Feel free to drop us an email at requesting a call back at your earliest convenience, or call Vincent directly at 760-266-7429. We look forward to saying hello. Let us show you how we can make your advertising dollars deliver outstanding results for your business.